Lan Ha Preservation Zone Clean-up: Small Steps, Big Impact

Halong Bay is the first choice of many travelers when it comes to Vietnam. This is why the number of tourist increase annualy in Halong. Thanks to its magnificent beauty, the reputation of Halong Bay has traveled wide and far, in fact, many travelers fly to Vietnam just to have a look at this infamous bay.

Halong Bay

With a growing tourism industry, the bay “creates” thousands of jobs and generates a great income. However, the other side of the coin is that this natural heritage is under pressure which causes by the high concentration of tourist activities. Coral reef is destroyed, mangroves are threatened by deforestation, floating garbage can be found sometimes on the water…

Hundreds of cruises launch to provide visitor the chance to discover and enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay. However almost operators don’t care about the environment as a result: floating garbage can be found so much on the cruise trail. There is also garbage from the fishing villages. Garbage is brought from another place to Halong Bay by the current These are the main reasons of serious pollution in Halong.


We are proud to be one of the first companies who are aware of the importance of sustainable tourism. Our V’Spirit team believes that sustainable tourism development is obviously the only way to ensure long-term benefit for any destination, especially for a natural wonder like Halong Bay.

From the early beginning of V’Spirit Cruises, the Board of Management has determined to make V’Spirit an example of green tourism: providing while protecting. We have done splendidly in providing part with cruises after cruises of happy customers. With the need to keep our promise of protecting, the Green Spirit program was born. Its main purposes is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the greatest wonders that Mother Nature had given us; not just our “hunting ground” Halong Bay but also every tourist destinations in Vietnam.


Green Spirit has left its mark in Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Haiphong,…But the biggest effort is made right here in our home ground – Halong Bay. As a cruise operator, we understand our responsibilities to environment and local communities. We concern about the impact of our tours and activities.  We try our best to minimize negative impacts right from the beginning of every cruises through out every steps of the tour and until the very end. Our journey is a long journey and requires continual efforts. It requires the participation of all relevant stakeholders: governmental management, local community, tourism businesses and tourists. As an active participator, we welcome and appreciate the cooperation and support from other tourism businesses and tourists.


In February 2016, V’Spirit Cruises has the biggest change in its course and itinerary since 2012. The V’Spirit Team has realized the over-crowded situations of its previous destinations recently. The hustle and bustle atmosphere has reached Halong Bay due to the overwhelming number of tourist. This had violated our promise from the beginning: more people will equal less comfort and more pollution. After much studies, test runs and consideration, our B.O.M had found the perfect destination that fits all requirements: Lan Ha Preservation Zone. In here, the imposing and magnificent beauty deserves to be the opponent of main zone Halong Bay. We can proudly say that this zone can only be exclusively by V’Spirit Cruises passengers. The tranquility of this zone will bring out the best time for everyone. But the zone also has its flaw. In here, the current is most active which means sometimes trashes from another places can be drifted to this place.


Realizing the importance of the situation, months before officially applying the new course, our cruise has dispatch a small team to come here weekly and clean up the zone. Also, we have helped the family of Mr. Lap establishing their life here. Mr. Lap is a fisherman at this area and a father of 4 children so you can say that their life is not easy. But with the help of V’Spirit, his family has a more stable life with better income. Before knowing us, Mr. Lap like other people here is quite indifferent with the pollution after all his biggest concern was how to pass their day without an empty stomach. V’Spirit Cruises has helped Mr. Lap not just financially but also in his way of thinking. And now, Mr. Lap is one of the most active contributor in our quest for a greener Halong Bay. V’Spirit Cruises is so honored to award him with the Green Spirit certification.


On March 16th 2016, the Green Spirit Program organizes one of its biggest clean-up in Lan Ha Preservation Zone. This activity is one of the many events that aim to increase environmental awareness among local community, management authority, tour operators and tourists. All of V’Spirit staffs are enthusiastic and did not hesitate to collect garbage… This is not too difficult job but not everyone willingly to do. Our team believes that this small action will be a beautiful picture for the tourism and make people aware of natural environment. That feeling you get when seeing how clear and green the water is so priceless.


Many of our passenger asked us what can they do to help. Well now, you can lend your helping hands by joining us in the clean-up program. Simply ask your tour guide or our cruise manager for cleaning tool, spend a little time to pick-up the trash and you too are a part of the big impact.

“The world is more beautiful when you hold hands and walk together”