Cong Dam Fishing Village

Cong Dam fishing village is located on Bai Tu Long bay. It is an old and small village, far from the mainland with the population of about 120 people. This place is considered as an outdoor geological museum with the highlight is a plenty of mountains formed by a stack of huge rock, which looks […]

Cua Van Fishing Village

Cua Van Village has a population of 733 in 176 households. They mainly earn their livelihood by fishing. This makes it ideal for anchoring boats here. Their floating houses look spacious and clean.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Bai Tu Long and the Vung Vieng Fishing Village is off the beaten tourist track as it is not so near to the popular Cat Ba Island which has lodging, beaches and nearby caves where most of the large tour companies and boats operate. There are about 50 families; the population is between 200 and […]

Cap La Fishing Village

Cap La is one of the small fishing village (lying between Bai Tu Long & Halong Bay). There are 80 family holders with more than 200 people living in this village. They live by fishing. Children go to school until they are 12 years old, then they stop for working as fish man.

Ba Hang Fishing Village

Ba Hang Caves(Three Caves) is one of 4 fishing villages serving major tourist attractions in . Located in the region of well-known three caves, located next to  (heaven) grotto,  grotto … with about 50 families… with about 50 families, Ba hang fishing village for tourists to visit, purchase and sale of marine, kayaking service…