Go See Halong Bay and Ninh Binh, Go See Kong

“It became my mission to put this country on screen and to let the world know how spectacular it is”, Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts said.   Kong: Skull Island was released worldwide in 2D, 3D in select theatres, and IMAX beginning March 10. It has been receiving many positive comments from many moviegoers all over the […]

V’Spirit Classic brings the art into your Halong Bay cruise.

The word “V’Spirit” actually means “Vietnamese Spirit”, and our goal is to create a space for Vietnamese culture and to bring the quintessence of Vietnamese traditions to all passengers. In this regard, in every little details of V’Spirit, there is always a connection to an aspect of our rich and diverse culture. Bát Tràng porcelain […]

Weather in Halong Bay

Halong weather is typical for tropical coastal climate, which has two main seasons all year around. From April to September, it is often hot and humid; from October to March the weather is dry with some cold months. The average temperature of Halong Bay is 24°C. In the summer, the average temperature is 35°C while […]

Lan Ha Preservation Zone Clean-up: Small Steps, Big Impact

Halong Bay is the first choice of many travelers when it comes to Vietnam. This is why the number of tourist increase annualy in Halong. Thanks to its magnificent beauty, the reputation of Halong Bay has traveled wide and far, in fact, many travelers fly to Vietnam just to have a look at this infamous […]

Fall in love with Halong Bay on V’Spirt Cruises

“V’Spirit Cruises is proud to welcome you on-board one of its deluxe boats for your dreamlike Cruise in Halong Bay!” 1. Discover hidden caves and grottos Hidden among the thousands of jungle-covered peaks rising dramatically out of the emerald waters of Halong Bay are illuminated caves, isolated grottos and picturesque hidden coves of all shapes […]

Where to go after Halong Bay cruises?

Magnificent Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage site has charmed many people before, during and after their visit to this wonderland. But maybe because of its dreamlike beauty, travelers sometimes feel being let down when visiting other places. Well, don’t worry, Vietnam has many to offer. Right here, we will introduce to you some places […]

Traveling to Vietnam during Tet: Things to know about.

If you had to pick one holiday of the year as the most important to Vietnamese, the Tet Nguyen Dan would be the one. The festival is celebrated in Vietnamese communities all over the world. The Tet Festival is a great time to visit as the days building up to the Festival are abuzz with […]

Spending Lunar New Year in Halong Bay with V’Spirit Cruises

Travel to Halong always promises a great experience to travelers, in any occasions during the year. Tet Holiday is not an exception, although there are things you should learn to expect in advance. What is Tet? Tet Nguyen Dan, or Tet for short, is considered the biggest and most popular festival of the year in […]